My grandparents moved to Ainslie in 1939 where they lived for almost 50 years until they passed away. My mother, Enid Wheeler (nee Guard) spent her teenage years in Ainslie and returned in 1961 with my father and their four children. Her story is in the book.

I grew up in Ainslie and have lived here most of my life. I am married with four children who are fourth generation residents of Ainslie.

Ainslie is a wonderful place to which to live. My family and I have chosen to live here for its location, the diversity of its residents, for its old established trees and gardens and for an intangible factor, best described as ‘its feel’. It ‘feels good’ to live here. Others must share our affinity with the suburb as during the course of writing the book I found original residents living in the same homes they had moved into new in the late 1920s and 1930s. They couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

Voices of Old Ainslie

A Collection of Life-stories from Early Residents of Ainslie

  • Stanley Ray
  • Iris Carnall (nee Wilden)
  • Mary Sloan (nee McDonald)
  • Isabel Hunt (nee Hunter)
  • Olive Browning (nee Barrand)
  • Alma Schell (nee Gleeson)
  • Tom Gribble
  • Claude Fisher
  • Roy Gillard
  • Harold Begent
  • Don and Mavis ‘Reilly (nee Edlington)
  • Elsie Smith (nee Ford)
  • Margaret Cover (nee Eldridge)
  • Enid Wheeler (nee Guard)
  • Arthyr Thomas
  • Alvy Werner (nee Stephens)
  • Maurice Martin>

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