Eleanor Gilbert, BSc Hons (1950- ) filmmaker with an extensive research and ecological background.

Her focus is to tell the stories, locate and document the pathways, which are leading out of the maze of oppression and the belly of the Australian genocide to the reinstated sovereignty for First Nations and Peoples.

Eleanor Gilbert

Her recent works include:

  • Star Stories of The Dreaming: 90 minute documentary feature – oldest knowledge on the planet
  • Moving Truth: Australian Frontier Conflicts: 30 minute documentary filmed over six years.

SBS/NITV has broadcast:

  • Star Stories of The Dreaming – a 52m version;
  • Lest We Forget the Frontier Wars: 2011 & 2012

From 1979 she was Wiradjuri poet and Land Rights campaigner, Kevin Gilbert’s, constant companion, mother of his two youngest children and now a proud grandmother. Eleanor has beautifully illustrated several of Kevin’s books, as well as co-producing the groundbreaking Timeless Gardens in 1977.


  • ‘Muckaty Voices’ was made with the Muckaty community north of Tennant Creek, NT, where the proposed radioactive nuclear waste dump was to be located. Muckaty Voices opened the ‘Down Under’ Berlin Film Festival in Sept 2011 and was a finalist in the Rio de Janeiro International Uranium Festival 2011. It is also subtitled in Japanese.
  • Gathering of First Nations & Peoples in Canberra 2013 – 2016
  • urrundi Ruwe Pangari Ringbalin, 2010 + DVD
  • When “consultation” is not consent – NT Intervention
  • Ampilatwatja anti-Intervention walk-off
  • Lake Cowal: Our Story – Czech Union Award for Nature Conservation
  • Wiradjuri Forever
  • Unarmed Truth
  • Basic Rights v Police Brutality – Australian Style;
  • New Way Summits, 2011-2012;
  • Aboriginal Embassy since 2000 & 30th & 40th Anniversaries & ANU Symposium;
  • Euahlayi Peoples Republic;
  • Litigating Boundaries of Sovereignty


  • ‘2013 Best Pitch’ Stronger Than Fiction Documentary Film Festival, Canberra;
  • Screenwriting scholarship with Stephen Cleary; Finalist SPAA Pitching Comp 2004


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