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Ainslie Residents Association (ARA) is a volunteer residents association formed in 2020 with objectives such as:

  • fostering an appreciation of the Ainslie environment to support its preservation and resilience to climate change.
  • support the interests, welfare and social connections of the diverse Ainslie community; and,
  • contribute to planning and development issues that have an impact on Ainslie’s landscape, wildlife, built environment and social infrastructure.

The Ainslie Residents Association is actively involved in highlighting and maintaining the history and heritage of Ainslie and its ‘Garden City’ planning design.

The Ainslie Residents Association is a diverse group of people who are passionate about a range of issues including heritage, planning and development, community connection, social housing and the environment.  You can get involved in any or all of these issues as you see fit.

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Committee Members

The Committee is re-elected each year at the Annual General meeting held in March.

  • Chair:  Ian Hubbard
  • Vice-Chair: Stephanie Kalish
  • Secretary: Vacant
  • Treasurer: Vacant
  • Committee: Jeremy Allen, Coral Bartlett, Helen Kaye

Residents interested in nominating for a position on the committee of the ARA should contact an existing member to obtain a nomination form.  Support for the Association is always needed and most welcome.